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Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Types/Reference Guides

Swedish Massage Swedish massage is the most commonly offered and best-known type of massage. If it's your first time with a massage therapist, Swedish massage is the perfect place to start. Need to Know · Swedish massage was pioneered by Henri Ling at the University of Stockholm in 1812. It was introduced as "The Swedish Movement Cure" in 1858 in the United States. · Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage techniques. · Massage Therapist use massage oils/creams to facilitate smooth and gliding motions over your entire body. · Therapist will use firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, and other health benefits. · You will be nude or to your underwear under a sheet. The therapist will only uncover the part of the body he/she is working on - a technique that is called "draping". · Feel free to state your preference for pressure during Swedish massage. It can range from light to firm. If you want more intensive work you should get a Deep Tissue massage. Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage is a expansion of Swedish massage techniques aimed at deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. Pressure and kneading is more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots (also known as "adhesion.") Will a Deep Tissue Massage Hurt? It shouldn't hurt, but it is likely to be a bit more uncomfortable that a classic Swedish massage. You should always feel free to speak up if the pressure is too much for you. The therapist can adjust the pressure to be more comfortable. How fast will I get results with a Deep Tissue massage? It is important to be realistic about what one massage can achieve. Many people ask for more pressure, thinking that is the therapist just pushes hard enough; they can get rid of all their knots in one session. This just won't happen. In fact, undoing chronic knots and tension built up over a lifetime is best achieved with integrated program that includes exercise, work on your posture and ways of moving, relaxation techniques and a regular program of massage.

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